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professional photographers

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What we can do

Album Design

Designed the way you want it, with unlimited changes, and a workflow that integrates with your style.

We’ll handle everything – from preparing and selecting images, retouching the images, and then finalizing and ordering your album!

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Photo Editing

Your style is unique to you, so we create a personalized profile so you don't have to sacrifice quality just to get your time back.

We'll take care of everything after you've finished your shoot, so you can take some time for yourself.

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Advanced Retouching

Make your images really stand out! We do all kinds of retouching, minor to moderate body modifications, and skin smoothing.

We'll handle all of the finishing of the images so you can give your clients that extra special touch.

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What our clients have to say

The Album Design has dramatically helped to free up my workflow. They integrate into Album Exposure and quickly make changes without missing a beat. Each design that is completed is truly beautiful and matches my style and vision perfectly!

I've used The Album Design to handle the bulk of my RAW processing for the past few years. Their consistency and attention to detail have helped ease the anxiety of having someone else's hands on my files. Their customer service is excellent, too.

Jenny Jimenez

I used to do all of my own culling and editing because I didn't think anyone could edit like me, but then I found The Album Design. They've simplified my workflow, and given me back so much time! Thank you guys!

My images are really important to me, and I needed to make sure that whoever I worked with felt the same way. The Album Design truly understands my personal style and vision, and frees me up to focus on the rest of my business!

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